Thursday, March 25, 2010

Amazing metal artist

I have been doing a lot of research this past week on how to improve the traffic to my Etsy shop.  In doing so, I have been to blogsite after blogsite.  I somehow stumbled upon the following blog and I have to tell you, this man is amazing. The best thing about it, he lives within an hour and a half from me!  What luck!

Timothy Adam has written several posts for fellow Etsians on how to boost traffic to their Etsy stores and tweak the titles and tags in order to increase views and ranking in Google searches.  This is something he does not have to do, but does.  That says a lot about a person, especially about an artist, because it is hard enough to have a unique talent such as his, but then to put it out there for possible copying, well, that is selfless in my book.

I highly recommend that anyone out there looking to increase their Etsy traffic take a look at his site and give these tips a try.  I also seriously recommend that you check out TimothyAdamDesigns, because he has an asethetic that is comparable to none.

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