Saturday, April 3, 2010

A New Etsy Treasury!

I am excited because I finally got my first chance to make an Etsy Treasury.  For any of you that have done research, you know that a Treasury if one of the best ways to make yourself and your shop known on Etsy.  Needless to say, I am very, very excited.

I sat like a tigeress awaiting my chance to pounce. 347, 346, 342, 336, 335, 334, ugh this is killing me, 333, one more, 332!  Yes, I finally have a chance!  Heart pounding, palms sweating, you would think I was waiting for the lottery to show the final number to my winning ticket, for Heaven's sake.

I clicked the left mouse button, and I could see my finger in slow moootttiiiooonnn, press the mouse button, and the button depress and I watched as the screen went blank, then the little egg timer come up and spin in a circle. OH NO, it isn't going to work!  So close but no cigar. ~~Sigh~~

But wait, it is bringing up a page I have never seen before, I got in, I got in!  I am doing a happy dance in the living room chair.  I can't believe it, I got in.  Okay, now where is the Treasury I saved the other day?  I wanted to be prepared, you know.  Oh boy, it is lost in computer lala land.  UGH, again.

Oh well, that isn't going to stop me.  I took my time and found every single item I had placed into the saved, but lost, file.  Once I am completely satisfied with the Treasury, I check it over a second, third and ,for good measure, a fourth time.  I finally click the post button and sit back with a very audibly loud ~~Sigh~~

Check it out

Let me know what you think and remember to use the Treasury to promote your business by curating your own collection of  your favorite sellers or items.

Happy Easter or Passover also!

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