Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New creations

I have reached a point where I am trying to understand why as artists we have days, weeks and even months that we create, create and create like mad.  Then all of the sudden, BAM, we hit that wall.  And nothing.  We will sit and stare at our tools, our materials, our usual inspiration with nothing coming to mind. 

I am a great analyzer, so I am not one to sit back and just let things flow.  My creations are the only things that I allow to just flow.  But, when that flow just stops, that is when I start analyzing.  Why did we start having these flows of creative juices, why us?  And just as quickly as they start, why do they periodically stop and start?  Why are some people very creative and some people extremely mathimatically inclined, but put a handful of beads, some wire and string in front of them and all they can do is try to figure out quantum theory equations?

These are the questions that I will never have answers to, the questions that science has been trying answer for ages, questions that, frankly only the Heavens hold the keys to.  These are the questions that I will ponder ever time I pick up a piece of wire and try as I might, I cannot make a beautiful piece of jewelry appear like it normally does.

This week has been one of those frustrating weeks.  I have slowed way down on the creative process.  So, I have concentrated on the backside of building my jewelry business, marketing, photography, etc.  One day, hopefully soon, the creative muse will come back.  When she does, I will hold her hand and walk with her in the garden of creativity breathing in the air of beauty as long as she will stay with me. 

Until then, I continue to anaylze, market and look at those whose creative muse is still walking with them, such as these artists.  Enjoy them.

These are just a few of my favorite artists whom the muse strikes.  I hope that you find them as intringing as I do.


  1. I can relate to what you have wrote. Just know that you are not alone. I am not sure what stops the creative flow. But, I do know that the time and space do help with it to return. It gives us time to explore other possibilities, other mediums and to be inspired by others and ultimately it will influence the start of our creative flow. I know it is a difficult place to be in ... frustrating .... but allow yourself this time.
    I am so pleased that you love my artwork. I hope it brings a smile to your face every time. I am honored & touched that you added me to your list.

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